Cancellation Policy

Being in business for as long as we have, we at Visage Hair completely understand that issues can arise which will get in the way of an appointment and we will always do our best to ensure we can find a compromise. If a cancellation occurs for an appointment due within 24 hours, we will not charge for the first occurrence. However, if within one calendar year it happens again, 50% of the amount for the appointment(s) will be charged.

No-Show Policy

Visage Hair always show our clients the utmost respect and we feel it is only fair we receive the same respectfulness in return. In the event of a no-show, 50% of the amount for the appointment(s) will be charged.

Redo Policy

At Visage Hair we take the utmost pride in our work. If you are unsatisfied with the service you have received, we would like to consult with you and offer an appropriate solution, whether that is another attempt at a certain style or an alternative. A redo will only be honoured provided we have been contacted within 7 days of the service.

Refund Policy

If it is the case where a client is unhappy, has received a redo and is still unsatisfied, Visage Hair management will use fair judgement on any refund decision.