Wedding Styles

Is your big day coming up? Make sure you look extra special by having your hair styled by the expert team here at Visage Hair. We create bespoke styles around customer specifications and can also make suggestions on which styles we think best suit your face shape and complement your chosen dress. For the best results, we recommend choosing images of the style or styles you would like, as this will allow us to better plan how to create your desired look. We also recommend bringing your veil and any hair accessories you plan on wearing with you so we can work around them.

If required, we can also perform colour touch ups to ensure your hair looks vibrant on your big day.

Just give us a call on 061 609 847 or alternatively you can send us an email at We’d love to talk to you.


Upstyles have become increasingly popular as the style of choice for brides, bridesmaids, the mother of the bride, etc. and it’s easy to see why as they create an elegant, sophisticated look perfect for special occasions. Our skilled team are able to style and shape hair using a variety of techniques to produce a look that is complementary to the client and their chosen outfit.

If you have a particular upstyle in mind, or would like some help deciding, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us so we can schedule a consultation.